Please make favorites follow search and function editor preview smaller and clickable

First the favorite data source is a nice feature but I rarely find myself using it due to the fact that it does not follow the search bar. When binding to text fields I usually copies a field I already have and the favorite source i just used is outside the dialog.

So making this list follow the search bar would be very nice.

The function preview is also nice but mostly get badly in the way by accident when holding over it for a bit to long. A max screen size of 50 % and clickable outside to close and clickable inside to open the function editor. The screenshot below is my entire screen and there is barely room to close it.

Hi Sondre,

Any improvements to the platform is highly appreciated!

I’ve created a challenge on making the recently used/in context data sources sticky. Whereas, the issue you mention regarding the function preview is already known and is being removed.

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