FunctionEvalTimeoutError - function took too long to execute (>2000ms) for a simple update


My service throw this error:

When looking at the update object action, I only do the following (which seems pretty simple):

I then iterate in a while based on the incremented date.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


I am having exactly the same error for this one:

Hi Antoine,

We have had some trouble with this one, and i find it a bit wierd that the service seems to start and then trigger the error.
However i do suggest to toggle on skip function properties on all objects classes that have cardinality many.

I would also check filters to make sure that the service don’t read to many objects.
Lastly it may help to avoid function/processing on many objects at the same time or in an iteration.

These things allways seem to help when we get this error :slight_smile:

Hi Sondre!

Thanks for your answer and much appreciated help!

Here, the problem seems linked to service variables and not data with cardinality many, furthermore I have almost no function properties for my datasource :confused:


No problem!
That is strange, from our experience with this error it is allways a large number of prosessing on a large datasource. It seems that you have triggered it in another way than us :slight_smile:

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Hi @nejrabrc

My colleague Yassine tried to help me yesterday based what you discussed with him recently through Slack but it did not solve anything, any idea coming to your mind? It is a very critical part of the app and we have to release it asap (customer getting upset since we did not catch this error before our demo.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @lequeuxa , I would need to include someone else who is an expert on Services, then. Based on what Yassine and I have discussed, I figured the alternatives we provided would help, and it seemed so by the info he sent after implementing. Let us take it over DM then :slight_smile:

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As discussed with Nejra, it seems like removed 2 unused runtime properties on 2 object classes solved the issue, these 2 runtime properties were returning the object id in string format.

For the records, Nejra mentioned that it is not advised to use runtime properties in service data object classes. A red flag when creating one in service data would be good.

Anyway, thanks for your help Nejra!

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You are welcome @lequeuxa!

Just to revert on this one, it is important to highlight that it is about function properties. All the properties that are set up as functions must calculate to be read through, even if they are not in use any place in the service. Therefore we suggest to either tick “skip function properties” on the Service Data, or in your case delete them if they are not in use anyways :slight_smile: