Google Maps API

Hi! Does anyone have a script or a step-by-step guide on how to correctly handle the OAuth 2.0 flow to obtain the authorization code and subsequently the access token using Appfarm? I’m currently working on integrating the Google Maps Route Optimization API with Appfarm. However, I’m running into issues when trying to retrieve the access token.

Up until now, we’ve been generating a new token via Postman, and using this to access the API by passing the bearer token directly into the request. We aim to streamline this process directly within Appfarm. We’ve followed this guide so far:

Google API Documentation for OAuth 2.0:

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Could you provide some more details on what types of issues you are running into and how you have setup your integration for authenticating? What scopes are you requesting, and are you trying to retrieve the access token in context of the signed in user or have you setup a Service Account within Google to use?

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