Random issues with Services not able to access Secrets

It seems that it happened after the recent update, but somewhere in between 26.09 and 27.09
We have schedules that are updating Google API tokens, and schedules that are pulling data from Google Pub/Sub. They have been running without errors for a long period of time, but in the last days these services have random issues with accessing Secrets.
Service to update Google API OAuth2 token sometimes running successfully, and at some moments it fails because it is not able to read Secret value (returns undefined). That secret is static (private key), i.e. it is not modified in any way by any service, and it should always return.

It happens quite randomly, it can run successfully and then it fails and then it runs successfully without any changes from our side.


Is it possible to get a screenshot of this setup, with a description or drawing on where the issue is located, and perhaps a short description of the steps and where it (sometimes) fails or returns undefined?

If it is random issues (i.e. working most of the time, but sometimes not) the most probable reason is that it is related to setup on either side, and not to the latest release.

there was definitely an issue and it was provided to Appfarm through point of contact (with details), there was en error with secrets where secret which should refer to one email referred to another, randomly. we had to hardcode the value instead of using the secret to make it work again.