How to log saving event (data lost tracking)

Hello !

We have an app where users can create projects. Each project is a big form composed of a lot of inputs (most of the inputs are texts & numbers).

When a customer creates/loads a project, we copy project data from connected databases to runtime only databases:

  • If the user closes his project without saving, we just delete the runtime data and don’t touch to connected databases
  • If the users saves, we overwrite connected databases data with data from runtime databases for his project specifically

So far it has been working fine until a user complained about data that disappeared from his project.
I check in database and effectively, for a specific project some data are missing. No recent changes we did could have impacted his data…

As it’s hard to know what happened on user side when he saved his project (did he correctly saved his changes, connection lost during saving, issues with saving action… ?), how can I monitor all this ?

Do you have any advises, action to set up, logs etc… to monitor this saving action, and make sure that if it happens again, we will be able to find the root cause data lost.

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Thank you for highlighting this!

We have an article in our documentation, with an example in Showroom, on Event Log Design. This example includes both error handling mechanisms, such as the management of thrown exceptions, as well as the logging of informative data. The latter could be used in the example you described, where an event log could be created when a user persist the changes made in a project. Whereas the “errors” would track whether it occurred an error in an action or not.

We hope this is insightful and helps you monitor important actions.

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