Persisted data disappears in Dev environment

I have a strange problem.

I made a really simple logging function for an endpoint service to save some data from the external web request body. All I do is to copy som strings to a runtime only object and persist that object to the database. I have made an admin app where I can browse data from the apps in the solution.

In Production everything is fine. I can browse the logs and the number of logs matches the number of requests made.

In Development the datasource is empty both in GraphQL and the admin app.
If I leave the admin app running and enable Initially subscribe to updates the datasource is populated with the objects persisted by the service while the admin app is open. If I reload the admin app everything disappears. There are no errors in the services logger and I can log the values of runtime only object just fine to console.


Just a few things to check

  1. Does Dev and Prod have the same version of the App, meaning if you deploy to Prod, it works there but not in Dev?
    (if yes above: )
  2. Are you logged in with the same user in Dev as in Prod? Might be that you are logged in with a user with out sufficient Roles in the Dev client
  3. Have you checked that no errors are logged to the Dev Tools log when the Persist is done (or maybe also open the Console log in the browser (CTRL + Shift + I) to see)? Might be that you do not have permissions or that it fails due to some object class contraint.
  4. Is the Dev environment reporting “Everything is up and running” from the Dashboard / Deploy menu?

If this still does not work after you’ve verified this, let us know

It was the user! I was sure I double checked it but third time’s the charm.

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