HTTP response with images as base64

I am sending a web request with a response that contains several base64 images from an external database. I want to display all the images in a table.
I like to keep these images in runtime. Predominantly to view them in Appfarm and send en web request if i want to delete any. For now my scope does not include to upload new images to above mentioned external database.
I tried creating an object that has an ID as int and Base64 as string, and in my response I map the properties. As expected it shows “part” of the images, but its cropped as the base64 string only has somewhat 4000 characters and not the roughly 1 000 000 as it has in the database.

Any tips on how to fix this?
I can if needed perform one web request per image. Further I guess the response have to be binded to a file or similar that can store the content.

Thanks for any help on this
Regards Torgeir


So, you have a web request, that returns a list of images as base64. But just to clarify: Is the problem that the base64 string property only holds 4000 characters, whereas 1000000 is sent in the web request? Sounds a bit strange, so could you verify that the input to Appfarm (i.e. the number of characters in the base64 property in the response from the web request) is actually different from the number of characters after the response has been mapped to the runtime property?

How is your setup / approach for displaying these base64 strings in the table? Are you creating files in Appfarm (with Create File action node, converting the base64 to arraybuffer etc), or are you using other third party code or libraries?

Never mind this post. Found out that the API did not send all the characters of the base64 string.
When it was updated we got all the information and where able to display the images in Appfarm.
Worked like a charm.

Thanks for responding.