Web request issue on big responses. Line limit?

I am running into an issue where nothing is being mapped from the web request on larger responses from an external API endpoint. If I look at the responses in Postman or Visual Studio the large response is valid JSON and in the same format as the smaller ones.

The only difference I can see is that Appfarms own debug log shows it on a sinle line with newline charachters instead of a formatted view. See attached screenshots. Is there a line limit or similar on web request responses?

small response

big response

The small response is 700 lines 24kb and the big one is 23000 lines 789kb.


Thanks for reaching out!

There is no size limitation. However, it seems the rawData in the second example is a string, which might be causing the issue. Is there anything in the result parser that could be affecting this?

I am not using the result parser. If I call the same API with Postman the response is a valid JSON.

Given that the response in the debug log in Appfarm appears to be a string you can try the result parser to parse the response to JSON using return JSON.parse(rawResponseData and see if that helps.