Appfarm API-endpoint size limit

Hi. We have noticed that a POST API-endpoint in Appfarm has a limit to the amount of rows/data that we can send. Is this a limitation from Appfarm - and if so, how is this limit determined? Would be nice to know, so that we can chunck the data more efficiently.

This is the response we get:
Exception: Request failed with status 500, {“name”:“PayloadTooLargeError”,“error”:{“name”:“PayloadTooLargeError”,“message”:“request entity too large”,“statusCode”:500},“message”:“request entity too large”}

Best Regards,
Fridtjof at xIQ

Hi @Fridtjof

We will do a review of these limits. But out of curiousity - do you have any idea of the size of this payload you are trying to send (approximately, or at least a number of rows/columns etc)?


I was unable to send 10 000 rows of a dataframe with 5 string attributes, so I settled on making a loop to chunk it into 5 000 rows at a time. The other time we were sending 4000 rows with about 20 columns.


I believe the current size limit for POST of REST data i 1MB. I’ve registered a change request on increasing it (currently being consequence analyzed). So for the time being, that’s the limit! But we’ll keep you posted on the progress / conclusion.

Thanks for that Kristian :slight_smile: