Max capacity of web requests (PayloadTooLargeError)

I’m creating a web request to move data from one environment to another and it requires plenty of data to be sent. However, in the very beginning of my work I’ve encountered PayloadTooLargeError. I did some more testing and I’ve discovered that the current limit for web request is 100kB for me, which is way too small for my use case. I’ve read that browser’s limitations are around 4GB, so I’m assuming it’s a setting in Appfarm.
I would like to ask if it’s possible to change that setting somehow? In worst case scenario I could try to divide a single web request into dozens of smaller ones, but that’s very time consuming and prone to errors.
Thank you for your answer

We have registered a challenge on this one. Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about when the option to specify this limit will be in place. For now, the solution will be to send data in chunks.



Just to pinpoint the issue: The log you sent, is it from the “Send Web Request” action node (without the “Use Static IP” setting), executed from an App? And what is the endopoint you are trying to reach, is it e.g. a Service Endpoint in an Appfarm Dev Environment?

It sounds like Appfarm is on “both sides” here, so I just need to clarify that.