Hubstpot integration

Hello! Is it possible to integrate HubSpot into our application? If it is, where can we embed the HubSpot code to establish the connection with our application?"


There is mulitple ways to connect you application to hubspot. Following, you will find two off the options:

  1. Connect with their API (HubSpot APIs | Getting started). This is a modern API with with good documentation.
  2. Embed a Hubspot form (Set up and style a HubSpot form on an external site). Create a form in hubspot and embed it directly into your app.

Hopefully one of this links will help you out :smiley:

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How can we embed the form into the app?

You can use the Coded component.

Take the code that you can find in your hubspot account and paste it into the correct places in the coded component.

Here you can define all the scripts you need and paste the HTML/CSS into the coded component.

Check this link for more info about the coded component and how it works. We do also link to an example in showroom:

Thank you for your help!

We wish to setup a chat widget and therefore need to include the code shown in the photo to every page in our application. Normally this would be done in the body of the HTML code but how can we do this in appfarm? I do not understand how this can be done using a code component, since this is not on page level.


This is possible, please see this article.

You may just add a custom header tag to the Dev environment (the same must be done to Test and/or Prod) og type Script URL and add the url, and set the async and defer properties to true.

Sorry to be a topic necromancer here, but I’m implementing this now, and it seems like the async and defer checkboxes are mutually exclusive, while the Hubspot script requires the script to be tagged with both options.

I don’t know enough about HTML script tags to understand if they are both strictly needed, but having the option to have both tags active would be nice :+1:


Thanks @oyvind.byhring!

I see that, we’ve registered a challenge on it. I believe it should be a quickfix, so I’m trying to get it prioritized for a patch.

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Our developers are saying that you can just tick async (and ignore the defer option) and it should work identically unless you are on Internet Explorer 9. Here is some more info on these settings.

It might be that we open up for ticking both these options in Create to make it easier to add such code snippets without the knowledge that the defer option may be skipped (it will not be used anyway).