IOS devices don't default app name on "add to home screen" when using custom domain

Hi ,

We just noticed that when you try to add an app to home screen in IOS devices, the name is not defaulted if the URL is a custom domain. It seems to only be an issue on IOS.

Is this a bug or do you have any good work-arounds?


I don’t have a solution with a custom domain at hand, but I was able to replicate it on a solution without a custom domain.

Does this only happen in solutions with a custom domain for you, or for all solutions?

Regardless, I have registered a challenge on this, since this could be more user friendly :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi ,

I tried different variations (environments / urls) and the only place it happend was when I used the custom URL

Great that you were able to reproduce it.

Hope it will be prioritized as it improves the user experience a lot , as many users don’t know what appfarm is …