Is there a limit to how much data an offline application can store?

Some sources says that iOS only allows PWAs to store up to 50 mb. Is this the case and could this be a problem for an offline application where the user needs to take pictures?

Also is there a difference in Android and IOS on this issue?


Offline data is stored in Indexed DB in the browser (whereas offline files/images are stored in the Service Worker cache). The maximum limit depends on the browser and device - and how much space a device has available.

For Chrome, you may store up to 80% of the total available disk space on the device. So, if you have 10GB available on your mobile device - 8GB may be stored offline.

Note that other limits may vary between browsers and device. But in general, the storage capacity should be “large enough” for most use cases, but needs to be considered if you are storing a large amount of images or files offline.