Issue with PDF Preview component

Hi all,

I am using the PDF preview component to show the selected file object in a data source (there is only 1 selected at any one point of time).

However, I have an issue where if there is an existing file being previewed, and if I run an action to select a different file (to show this other file instead), the app will crash. Any ideas why this is the case?

Thank you!

After doing further testing, it seems that the app crashes as long as I have one selected object in a file data source, and I try to run an action with “select all objects in context” which selects a different file.


I have had the same issue and Appfarm has a challenge registered on the case.

This crashes when the PDF viewer is showing file content and that file content is refreshed. It happened to me when reading a new or the same file into a runtime object.
A workaround is to hide the pdf viewer when loading the file content. I used an app variable toggle hide of the component, then read to file content, then toggle visible on the component again.

Hope this helps!


Note that this has been fixed and will be available in a future release.

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