Preview of files

hey guys, is it possible to create a functionality where if you hover over the file it will open a pop-up and give a preview of the file contents? FIles including pictures, PDFs, and office files.


To achieve this, you could use event handler On hover start and On hover end to open/close a popover when your mouse enter/leaves a container containing your file. Inside the popover you can place a component for displaying the relevant file.

For example, if you want to display a PDF or an image file you could use the PDF Reader component or the Image component. Place these two inside a visibility container and use MIME type in the visibility condition. For PDF files, MIME Type is application/pdf and images are images/jpg and images/png.

how about for office (excel, word etc) files?

Hi! We have no built-in components for preview of office files. Coded Component / third party may be used for that. However, we would like to explore this internally to consider it as a feature in Appfarm for the future.