JSON Path as Rootpath in Get request

Hey there, fellow developers!

Lately, I’ve been diving into the wonderful world of AppFarm Create and exploring how to effectively handle JSON data using JSON Path expressions. Specifically, I’ve encountered a scenario where I’m dealing with a complex JSON structure related to predictions, and I could use some insights on how to navigate it.

In the data structure I’m working with, there’s a nested array of predictions. Each prediction contains multiple sub-predictions, each with a value attribute. My goal is to extract these value attributes, but here’s the catch: I can’t rely on a fixed index for the sub-predictions.

The JSON Path expression predictions[0].predictions[*].value seems to be the key to accessing these value attributes. However, I’m curious about its dynamic nature. While the [0] index in predictions[0] specifies the first prediction, the use of [*] for sub-predictions intrigues me. How can I modify this expression to fetch the value attribute from the sub-prediction, regardless of its index?

If anyone has experience with JSON Path expressions in the context of AppFarm Create or similar platforms, I would greatly appreciate your insights. How can I ensure that I’m retrieving the value attribute from the first sub-prediction within the first prediction, regardless of the sub-prediction’s index?

Your guidance and expertise would be immensely valuable to me and would certainly help me better understand how to harness the power of JSON Path in AppFarm Create.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions! Looking forward to learning from your experiences.

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I would like to see a full example or two of the received JSON where you have a varying set ut subpredictions.

But in general, it might be that you may solve it by using Nested Data Mappoing in the Result Mapping, or “worst case” you would need a Result Parser.

You may send the example in DM.