Log schedules and be notified when failing

Hi all,

We wish to log schedules, so we can monitor them. If a scheduled job fails, we want to be notified as developers so we can quickly fix the issue.

Is there an easy way to be notified of this? Right now we are doing it quite manually by checking the Log-section in Appfarm Create.

We tried to look at the documentation, however the link for Service Logs is broken: Logs | Appfarm Documentation.

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Currently, there are no ways to be notified if a schedule fails, except by using catch exceptions in your service and using the Send Email action node. This, of course, will not work if the service shuts down or is evicted. In such cases, the whole service would be down, and the catch exception method mentioned above would not be effective.

I have registered a challenge to improve the built-in logger of services in Create, including notifications if a schedule fails for any reason.

// Erik

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