Missing consistency in error and web request mapping


When catch error mapping to App Data in an app, only the attributes mapped to is affected.
When error mapping to a runtime Object in an app the entire object is replaced.
When web request response mapping to Service Variables all service variables is reset.

It would be very nice if this type of mapping had consistent behavior. And in my opinion it should have the default behavior of updating the runtime object or updating the service variables like app variables inn apps on error mapping.

It is of course very possible to work around but it has created some confusion and if the “replace” behavior is kept it creates more “clutter” in an already long list of app variables for instance.

Edit: Maybe app/service variables by default stays and to runtime objects you have a optional toggel of replace object like in “read to” :slight_smile:

Hi there,
Thank you for your feedback related to improved consistency when mapping data to various datasource-types.
I have submitted this as a feature request to our product-team.

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