Mixpanel setup


I’m trying to set up Mixpanel to do data analytics from appfarm.

Has anyone done this before?

The problem I’m having is quite specific, but I can’t make the API to Mixpanel to work from web-requests (or postman…).
I also tried using fetch in a run-code, but this also lead to a error with the CORS-policy. Is there a way to circumvent this?

Best Regards,
Fridtjof Mollatt

Hi! Since you also get this error message when trying to connect to Mixpanel from Postman, I’m guessing it’s a setting needed in Mixpanel (related to CORS, i.e. to allow other domains to access it). Sound like something for the Mixpanel community/forum/support?

Thanks. Made it work by triggering the calls from our backend in databricks :slight_smile: