More support for enum colors!

I like to assign icons and colors to my enum values, but very rarely get to use them because there’s not support for it in the Create UI.

Here for example, I’d like to use the color assigned to the enum used to fill the cell of a table to determine the background color of that cell:

Instead I have to add conditional props based on the content of the cell for each enum value.

In general, being able to data bind colors would be a great addition :heart:

Agree. I believe allowing to data bind colors would be a great improvement. There are a lot of questions related to this, and I believe I first time flagged it as feature request long before this forum existed. :slight_smile:

I get much of my data from various APIs, and many of them offer HEX/RGB color values as part for the data. I often find myself having to use coded components just to do simple things as color coding labels or graphs according to the API data. It would have been so much easier if I could just bind the color.

So I add my vote for this!

Hi Øyvind,

Thank you for this feature request, and thank you Lars for adding your support too!

You can read a similar Community feature request from another user here:

This exists as a feature request internally already, I will be sure to update the request to show that there are new wishes from Community regarding its implementation.