Use the Icon color of an ENUM in the UI

I am trying to use the color from A in the UI, however I have tried all the options in B and none of the settings sets the color of the icon to the color of the ENUM. Please help.
I have plans to use this icon many places so creating a list of conditional formatting for the color of the icon is not an option. Further I would also then need to add X amount of conditions for X amount of options in the ENUM and X amount of colors must then also be added in Themes. In addition there is no easy way to only copy the conditional formatting of an UI element, one would need to copy the entire UI element to another location and based on the context the icon value may not point to the same reference.

As marked in green from the documentation the color should be possible to use in the UI.


I agree that there seems to be no simple way to do this.

I have requested this feature from our platform engineering team and will try to give an update when I know more about when this feature can be expected.

Currently, it is possible to copy conditional styling to the clipboard.

Hope this helps!

Skjermbilde 2023-11-21 kl. 15.58.38
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Great. Thanks for the feature request.
For the conditional styling copy tips; in my case I need to copy A and then B to the new destination of the same conditional style. Some locations I have 10 styles that must be copied. Would be nice with a copy function at location C in image below that would copy all of the conditional styles in one go.

Further please consider making Color a data type in Appfarm and more on the fly allowance for using colors without going via the Color Theme (such as using functions as ColorValueHex(), RGBA(Red, Green, Blue, Alpha ) and ColorFade( Color, FadeAmount ))



I understand that this is not very convenient. I have registered this as a wanted feature as well.

Have a nice day!

This is not very urgent in our end.
We have already implemented this in a alternative way; create base64 strings and save in an ENUM. Then use the Image UI element instead of the Icon UI element. Does pretty much the same job.

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