Nested view containers

We have the main view set as a view, with a view container inside of it. This creates the URL “main/settings”, where settings is now set as the subview. When inside the subview “settings”, we want to have another view container, ergo a subview to the subview. We have some problems implementing this, should it be a problem creating the url “main/settings/new-view” for example.

Hi @sanderwaasjo,

Could you please specify the problems encountered with this implementation? Also, does it work correctly when using “Settings” as a view and “New-View” as a subview instead? :slight_smile:

Of course; so when navigating from a view to another everything works fine.
For some more context, we’re utilizing a view container on the home screen, which sets the URL to “v1/dashboard.” Here, “v1” represents the primary view containing the view container, and “dashboard” is set as a subview. When we navigate to the “settings” page, we remain within the same primary view but switch to the “settings” subview, altering the URL to “v1/settings”.

Then the problem occurs. We’re not able to open another subview beneath it “v1/settings”. Essentially, we’re just replacing the current subview instead of adding a new one when having a view container within the “settings” view. Instead of getting the view “v1/settings/new-view” we’re just getting the view “v1/new-view”, which creates some problems. Especially when doing a refresh in the browser.


Appfarm supports as many levels of view containers as you would like, but only 2 levels in the URL path.

Example: myapp/home/projects

If you want to add another level (adding a view container to the projects view, with projectdetails as a view), you must use conditional visibility on these views:

  • In the action navigating to projectdetails, set a URL parameter (e.g. details=true) using the Navigate action node (do not specify any views/subviews). Alternatively, use App variables instead of URL params.
  • On the projectdetails view (the entry on the view container), tick the Conditional setting, and set it visible if URL params.details = true.

That will give you a url such as myapp/home/projects?details=true when navigating to the projectdetails view.

Hope that helps!

Perfect, thank you so much. That really helps!!