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Got this when clicking a select refering to an appvariable containing an object.

It is a select referring to an app variable holding an object. Both the abb variable and the select component was duplicated from other components and changed to the new ones.

I can leave it as is for a while if you want to investigate :slight_smile:

Edit: It happened again now in another select, it seems to be related to the options in the select. As these cases are otherwise unrelated.

Edit 2: There is a problem with the autocomplete/search function on the select component in relation to the data source “Kundegruppe”. As such it cannot be fixed with deleting all components and adding them from scratch again. It happens both when refering to "kundegruppe through an appvariable select and a runtime object property select.


Thanks for the info. We will look into it and try to recreate it :smiley:

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Hi again,

we have identified the problem and it will be fixed in a upcoming release.

Create a function-property thats stringify’er Number display-property’en og use this insted of the integre property.

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