Page Break on printing


Hello Appfarm. we have a small issue with printing on appfarm.

we have sometimes some blocks that can not be broke to have a nice looking when printing. ( for example showing some steps of a product )

is it possible to implement something that can avoid breaking blocks while printing ?

we found a workaround by adding a coded component like this to fix the page break by adding this html content in it :

<p style="page-break-after: always;">&nbsp;</p>

the problem is that it doesn’t take into consideration the space added by the page break

Here is a screenshot without the coded component ( as you can see there is a break on top of the page that we don’t need)

here is a screenshot whit the coded componenent ( as you can see, the page break is correct but the view stops exactly where the page is supposed to stop without the page break.

it is very important for our client to have a clean view to print

i hope that this explanation is clear for you

thank you for you time


So, this is a View designed to work with browser print (open print dialog, or ctrl+p)?

We do not have any “built-in settings” for custom page breaks for printing Views, so the way to go would be with the coded component (or run code, manipulating the CSS or HTML). So I guess the task would be to find the HTML or CSS code that gives you the desired behavior (Google / Stackoverflow) and inject this code into Appfarm using coded component or run code.

We’ll Do that

thank you Kristian


However, if you find a solution to this, let us know! It might be something to add some (new) print settings etc for views

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