PDF size too big for email. Optimizing file size


We have a case where the generated PDF sometimes gets too large to send. And we are wondering if someone has experience with optimizing file size i Appfarm generated PDFs. As per now the images are relatively low resolution and the rest is normal text.
Can the HTML generating the file be optimized to reduce file size?
Does splitting the PDF into multiple parts avoid the max limit?
Can the max file size setting be increased?

We have solved it for now by letting the user download it if its to large for email. But still nice to know other solutions :slight_smile:

Hi Sondre!

Both Mailgun and Gmail has a max file size on 25MB, which restricts bigger files and is beyond our control. However, another alternative to the one you mentioned is to link to the PDF’s that are of the larger size by using the file content URL. This would allow you to share the file without actually sending over the file.

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Thanks for the tip, did not think of that :slight_smile:

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