Processing large amounts of data in test environment

We have experienced a very unstable test environment lately, maybe in the last three-four weeks. It has forced us to work in other environments and is slowing down our product development and testing efforts.

It seems like this often happens after bigger actions, either persisting a lot of data or running bigger. Fx we are syncing quite a lot of data between environments now, running APIs between environments. These actions often cause the whole environment to go down for several minutes, could even be an hour at a time. Not sure that this is a direct trigger, but the unstable environment makes it hard to work with.

I know we are always on the limit of the app size, might be that this is the cause?

Is there anything you may be able to look into?

PS: We are on the staging environment now, but haven’t noticed any difference in the stability after this.


Hey @Jonas, I hear this has been taken over to DMs. Hope you find a solution soon.

Hi, we have yesterday and today experienced multiple dropouts similar to this one in Production. The solutions in the environment is currently not or barely usable!
@kristian @Joanna

0905: It seems to have stabilized for now.

Hi @Sondre, we’re looking into this, thanks for reporting!

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