Dev "Apps client" error

Hi, our dev environment is down and it says contact support. See picture.


A bit general message there. If the issue continues: Have you checked App Health if any errors are reported? Are there any heavy operations (Services) running in Dev?

Hmm, got some stuff in the app health that i can investigate. Don’t know if you did anything to our solution, but its up and running again. We currently do not have any heavy operations running.

Nice. No, nothing done.

The Apps client may be a bit unstable from time to time, both related to cloud infrastructure in Dev (not always soft handover on recycles), auto deployment vs large models, auto upgrade of dev-environment when Create has new release or patch etc. It has auto-recover so it normally recovers pretty soon.

Let us know if the problem continues!

@kristian we got the same problem yesterday evening and now…

OK, will look into it.

For those with customer contacts, we recommend going though those contacts regarding outages, to avoid this community to be too cluttered with similar local issues. But we are also looking into alternative channels than this community for outages for those without a clear point of contact at Appfarm.

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Seems to be affecting some solutions (those reporting the issue are large solutions) and it is a temporary but reoccuring issue in the Dev apps client. We’re investigating if it’s related to heavy data operations / loading or if it’s related to the development (autodeploy) itself.

It is happening the same to us also. Dev environment has been super unstable since yesterday, the apps client is always down and we can’t log in into the app.

FYI: Appfarm AS Status - Dev Environments Experiencing Instability

Just so you also know it, it is happening the same to us in the stage environment.