Public Service account roles - Not working with >1 roles


I’m currently setting up a second app to be public. My initial plan was to create an extra roles for the new app and add the role to the public service account. But in my testing I see that the second role is not taking affect, as the app is requiring log in.

When I remove the new role and just add access to the app for the original / first roles the app is opening without any requirement to login.

I assume this is a bug?


I believe ut might be one if the following:

  • Environment Config: only 1 Role may be configured for unauth access per environment. See this article.
  • Changes to Roles and Permissions require deploy, could this be missing?

I don’t think it’s clear from the documentation that only one role can be assigned to the service account that are set up for the Public access.

It would definitly make it easier to manage if the public service account could support several roles as we then could have one “public role” per App instead of all apps in one role and one service account.

As this is in dev for now the deploy should not be an issue.

br Preben