Re-render coded component

Hello Appfarm, I am using data inside a coded component and I have an issue. I want the coded component to have access to an object that has severeal boolean values. These boolean values are changed with a checkbox on the same page as the coded component. It seems that the coded component does not notice that the boolean values inside the object gets changed and only uses the values that are there when the page renders. Is it possible to make the data inside the coded compoent re-render when something changes?


Under “Data” → “Value” in your coded component you will find a little blue dot. When you hover over this it will give you some tips on how to react to changes in your Appfarm data. Take a look at this image:

You can easily react to events but setting up “on change” event. Take a look a look in the blue dot or in the image to get a code example.