Recommended way of seeding an app with data?

I have an app where some object classes can be generated. What are the best practices for seeding a table with data? Today I create a button and an action that populates the data I need. Is there alternatives to do this?

Hi @kgreodor!
At the moment we do not provide auto creation of test data, but it is on our roadmap. Until then, one approach might be to generate test data by using an action. Another possibility is to import test data from a CSV file.

OK thanks.

Can I ask if you have better data management tools in general on the roadmap? Would love to better explore data and have options to migrate with it if possible. Right now I can do some using GraphQL but would be nice to have something a little more integrated.

Also, is the roadmap published somewhere? Would love to get an insight into what is on the roadmap.


Data management features are definitely on the roadmap! First off will be seeing, manipulating and generating Dev data.