Redirect url, after login link

I want to have a redirect url after the login link, both when sending an update to a user, and when creating a user.

I have set the redirect url to be “/appname/view?” as indicated, but it does not seem to work. I only get to the default login page.


Hi there!
Have you wrapped “appname” and “view” using template string interpolation?
E.g. ${appname}

This is a dev only app, could that have any effect?

Can you provide an image of how your return-function looks like and which function parameters you have loaded in the function editor (on the right side)?

I’ve tried out different configurations, but right now I’m only providing the appname, not as a function.


Ok. This should link to the default view of your app. If you don’t pass any parameters you won’t need the question mark, but it should work even if you leave it there.
Do you get any error-messages in devtools upon executing the action?

No, I do not get any error message.
After the default login-page, I’m sent to the apps overview, instead of the desired app (declarantv2).

It seems that the action runs as expected

I will try to re-create it on my end to see if I get the same result

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I am not able to re-create the issue. There might be some detail I have missed here.
Are you sure the user you are creating is assigned a role that have permissions to the app you are trying to re-direct to?
If so: when does the issue appear? When you are following a email log-in-link or when you are trying to log in normally?

The issue occurs when I try to follow the login link.
I am sure I have all permissions.
Can it be something with the login page? Or the active environment?


I just tested this setup, and cannot see anything that is not working. I have tried many variants - and you are always redirected to that loginLinkRedirectPath.

I am a bit curious: You say after the login-page, you are sent to apps overview. When using login link, you will meet this screen, click the button, and then go straight to that redirect URL. If you are meeting the login screen, then I do not understand your entry point.

It would be nice with more info:

  • Are you clicking the login link from your email, and are you logged out of the browser
  • What is the URL you are taken to when clicked
  • Are you using “default login app” or just the built-in
  • Do you get the same issue on update user vs create user

When I follow the link, I’m taken to our login screen. After I click on continue, I’m taken to the overview of all our apps.

  • When I click the url I am taken to the {{hostname}}/afa/tokenlogin
  • We are using the built-in login app

It seems that if we use the login link in the browser where we are already logged in, then we are taken to the apps overview. If we use an incognito browser, we get the correct redirect.


It sounds like you might be logged in with user A, clicking the loginlink assigned to user B? If you are already logged in to the session in the browser, you need to log out first before testing that login link. Can you go to the root URL of your solution and log out before clicking that login link?