Login link sent from appfarm.app/appname should direct into app, not app list

When using login PIN from url appfarm.app/appname i am correctly logged in to the desired app (Appname).
However, when I use the login link I am redirected to appfarm.app thus showing multiple apps for the users with access to more than one app.

Expected behavior is the same as for login pin, when login is initiated from /appname I want to be redirected to /appname.

I am using the template configs (login link mail template & one time password mail template) in “login configs” when testing this.

Is this a bug, or how can I get this behavior?



You could get this behaviour by adding a redirect URL in the Auth Operations-action node. In screenshot below the redirect URL is “/my-pwa”, where my-pwa is the App you want to redirect your users to.

image (1)

Hope this helps.

This is the default login. I think your solution could work from a custom login app, but this is the built in login page, so I don´t understand how I could change that one, there is no way to configure an action node there, or alter the behavior other than visually…?