3rd party login

Good morning!

Is it possible to login user without using login config?

We want to create our own callback view/url and sign in the user with the access token, is this possible? If so, how?

The use case:
We’re currently creating an application where users can login with an oauth2 flow, without the need for an e-mail scope. Therefore, we want to inquire the user’s e-mail during our login flow without having to expose appfarm’s login page.

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Yes, it is.

We have a Custom Login App in Showroom, but without using third-party auth providers, as in your case. However, this is mentioned in our docs:

To Summarize (see screenshot):

  • You need a login app with unauthenticated access (as in the Showroom example “Sign-up and Login”)
  • You need to add the third-party login provider in Login Config
  • Your login app needs a button that opens the URL in the blue box in the screenshot below

In Appfarm Create, we’ve added an example setup (non-working, since we do not have a shared third-party login available for everyone) of the action (on clicking the login button) in Showroom:

Hi Kristian,

Thank you for your reply!

Is there a way to create a custom login without Login Config and potentially without the action node Auth Operations?

What we have done:

  • Created an unauthenticated application
  • Use BankID with callback to our own custom view/URL. If any user information is missing, this information can be obtained at the custom view/URL.

What we want to do:

  • Be able to login the user after the custom callback view/url to an application that is authenticated, after the user information has been verified/obtained.
  • Use something similar to Auth Operations to login the user, but without an additional step from their side

What we don’t want to do:

  • Use Login Config
  • Inquire the user for Onetime Pin or Login Link


In my suggestion, in in the linked showroom action, you do not use Auth operations. Only Open URL.

E.g. you open url to azure ad, with a parameter that tells which appfarm app/view the user should be navigated to by azure ad after successful login. The user is then automatically logged in to the Appfarm app.

The Login Config in Appfarm Create is only used to define that a azure ad login method exists (it must be defined as a custom login method there) and we use the Default app setting to avoid using the default appfarm login screen (but use the unauthenticated login app instead)