Make a custom login like appfarm showroom

hey, as per my experience, an app usually authenticates a user via the default appfarm login page (pic 1). I want to be able to create a custom login page and authenticate the user using an action node (auth operation) just like you guys did in appfarm showroom (pic 2). So, in this case, do I need to make a service account and check the unauthenticated access option in application security?


Sound like you are almost there. The Login app itself is just an unauthenticated App, but there is one more setting to tell Appfarm “use this App as the login app” the Default App setting on the Environment Config:

PS, there might be a minor delay in Dev before the unauthenticated access is enforced. So if everything is set up correctly, it might work in a while. Let me know if that’s the case.

i just checked and saw that i dont have permission to create service accounts. i guess i have to check with the guys and try again with the service account :frowning: