Search is not working in Data and Action view in Appfarm developer tools for Dialogs

Clicking on the search icon will briefly bring up the search field before it disappears again. It’s not possible to search. Search is working for normal views.


(Tested in Vivaldi, Chromium, Chrome and Firefox on Linux.)


Could it be that you have a dialog open when you are trying to do the search? We have a bug registered on that (and this works fine when I test without having a dialog open).

Yes. It only occurs on open Dialogs. Search is working fine on normal Views.

Any ETA when this will be fixed? It’s quite annoying and time-consuming to have to scroll the list for apps with a lot of data sources.

I’m spending a lot of time scrolling up and down the list of App Actions & Data in the debugger due to this bug. I would very much like to see a fix soon.

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