Bug with "Read all" in database

I have noticed in two different apps that the data does not show up in the rocket menu when “Read all” is selected in the database, but it does show up if i add a filter thats checks for value on all fields.

In one app the fields were just empty when read all was selected, and in another the fields were not visible at all.


Are you using the mentioned data sources and properties in the app? I.e., are they data bound to UI or used in actions?
From the Appfarm documentation: App Data only lists the data sources and properties actually used in the app. If a specific property is never referenced within an app, it will not be shown in Developer tools.

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Some were used for comparing, but not all of them were in use. If they are not supposed to show up when not in use in UI then that would explain it.

I see. Please let us know if the Data sources and properties still don’t show up after they have been referenced in the app!