Debug: Cannot resolve read order of datasources

Hello, I am doing some cleaning in our code base, and I am wondering if you have any tips in how to start debugging the following error? I always like working in the browsers console when debugging, but I cannot find this error there.

Regarding circular dependencies. Is this a typical error message to get if you for example have two object classes referencing each other?


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You typically encounter circular reference errors in two situations in Appfarm:

  1. Reading App Data: Filters on data sources that are curcular. Example: Companies filtered on Departments, Departments filtered on Orders, Orders filtered on Companies.
  2. Cascade Delete (Delete rule on Object Class Properties). Product.Main Photo, Photo.Product - both with cascade delete. Circular reference might occur upon delete.

I believe this is the first one. I would create an App copy and remove or disable data sources “one by one” to find the data source(s) causing this.