Set huge data source before an import block the import action

Hello Appfarm. i think i found a weird bug when doing a specific manipulation in an action

i have One big datasource “Customer” (54000 object) that i activate only when i import Customer from a CSV

  • if i set the datasource before an import => it will never trigger the import dialog (i tried it on multiple browser ). it will actually say on the devtool “import Data” and will abort after waiting sometime

  • If i set an import before the datasource => it work normally

  • if i set a small datasource before an impot => it work normally

  • i trigger a confirm dialog between a datasource and the import => it will work normally ( doesn’t work with a “sleep” action or a normal dialog actually)


it’s easy to find a workaround but i just wanted to put this here. seems like a huge data will never trigger an import if it’s before it. even there is actions between them (beside triggering a dialog)


Have a great day :smiley:


This sounds like an issue we’ve seen a while ago, not being able to reproduce. Is it possible to get access to this as an isolated testcase in your Dev environment, in order to analyze this a bit further? I’m not able to reproduce it the way you explain in our own solution (with approx. the same number of records).

Let’s take in on DM :wink:

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Recreated. I believe it has to do with the time it takes before the file browser is opened. The browser blocks it (may be seen from the message “File chooser dialog can only be shown with a user activation.” in the log) if it is interpreted as “not initiated by the user”. We’ll see if we can make a fix. But the workaround is the way to go for now.

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ah okey i see that

well thank you and have a nice day