Some bug when entering a certain page with Auto Focus on a text edit

When entering a page - I get this error and its seems to be some kind of internal appfarm bug.

It came after I set a text input to “auto focus”. When removing it - the problem goes away


Best regards,

Hi Fridtjof,
To debug this, I would start by finding the place in your app where pulsate is being read (this is likely used in a function, action, or service related to this field) – seems like there’s a null check missing.
Are there any actions triggered On Focus or On Enter on the field you’re autofocusing?

Hi! We do have a registered bug (crash, with same message) when having an element with autofocus inside a container with “On Click” event! Could this be the case @Fridtjof ?

It should of course not crash (but autofocus inside a clickable container does not sound right either).

That is correct.

Yes, I was just testing different things to see how it would work, agree its a wierd solution :slight_smile: