Table export - exclude column from export

I am using the built in export table to CSV functionality. The first four columns in my table is only being used to show adornments which provides functionality to the user such as delete, edit and rearrange row. These columns are included in the export and is shown as empty cells (which makes sense since they do not hold any data).

It would be great if I had the possibility to exclude columns from export. Is this something that can be implemented?


Thanks for pointing this out! I will register the request.

What you can do is add a button that triggers an action that exports the data, rather than using the built-in functionality. With the “Export data” node you can choose what properties to include when exporting. Just make sure that the data source you are exporting from is matching the data in the table.

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Action node details:

I hope this helps!

You can also exclude columns from download by using the “hide/show columns” built-in functionality in the table, but this does not include the opportunity to exclude columns that only contain icons it looks like.

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Thank you for the response!

Yes, moving the export to an action would solve my problem. But it feels redundant setting up each column again for export in an action when they can be exported from the table out of the box. My table contains many columns where some of the values are functions. Setting up all columns again in an action node would feel like an unnecessary task.

I understand that this is not ideal. As mentioned, I have registered the improvement request, and again thank you for pointing it out!