UI does not update when using Client Filter

I am using a client filter on a datasource, and listing that out without any additional filter. I notice that when the client filter is active, the UI of the iterative container does not re-render when objects in the filter changes. In this screen recording, I see that the objects are correctly removed from the data source based on the filter (un-flagging the object), but the UI does not change.

I need to re-enable the client filter for the UI to update.

Hi Jonas, and thanks for reaching out to us! I have reproduced your example, and you’re right, the UI does not change unless I refresh the page or re-enable the client filter. I will register this as a challenge for our developers to have a look at it. In the meantime you could use Conditional Filters that will give you the expected result with dynamic updates on flagged/unflagged items.

Thanks Tonje!

Here I wanted to use the feature dataSource.isEmpty() to solve empty state in a simple way, the conditional filters does not help me a lot on this. So for now, I’ll just disable and enable the client filter when I want to trigger the ui update.

Looking forward to a fix here!

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