Update data on deploy


Is it possible to update data in production on deploy? If so How?

Spesifically we have a kanban-board, where one status for tasks is “Deployed” (This is to avoid clugging the board with tasks that are finished and deployed to production). I want to set all tasks that are “Completed” to “Deployed” automatically on deploys to production.


I don’t think there exists an “on deploy” event handler, but there are other things you can do to solve this.

One option is creating a separate app or a service for updating data where you run actions for this purpose. You can also create a schedule that runs a service for this purpose regularly with a frequency depending on the needs. Another option is having an action with an if-statement “if Active environment = production AND tasks with status = “completed” exist in the data source → update objects” that you can run wherever is the most convenient.