'Updated Date' Behavior with Runtime Properties


I’ve been working with a table that displays data properties including the ‘Updated Date’ property. The table data are fetched from a database-connected data source. This data source also has runtime properties for controlling some graphical elements in the table.

Every time these runtime properties are updated, the ‘Updated Date’ also updates to the current date/time. This behavior doesn’t really add up to me as the runtime properties are just browser-based and not actual changes in the database (Data sources | Appfarm Documentation).

Is this a bug or am I missing something obvious here?

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You are correct, the “Update date” updates when a runtime property is set on an object in a data source. One might discuss if this is correct behaviour, but in my opinion, it should only update when there are updates towards the database, as you pinpoint.

I’ll register a challenge on this one / discuss it internally!

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