Upload files to the File storage

In the Dashboard, I note that we have way more File storage than Database storage. I assume File storage refers to Resource Files and not File Objects in the database?

If that’s correct, is there a way of using file storage programmatically, i.e. uploading and downloading files in this file depository? Or is the only way of uploading new files manually through Create? It also seems like I can only use resource files in the UI (and read them in javascript functions), is that correct?

File storage is the data files you have in the database, such as file objects! As you may have noticed, the database entry for a File Object Class only contains the file URL in the File Content property. So a file object class entry takes “no space” in the database. However, that URL points to the File Storage area. And that’s cheaper storage, thus more space offered as compared to database storage.

And yes, resource files are only possible to upload from create. From Apps/Services, you need File Object Class.

Ah, got it! Then we have more space than I thought, that’s great!