Utilization rate - How to visualize and process timeseries data

Our data consist of a series of units that are linked to projects. We have created an object class to store the data of how long a unit is on a specific project. This object class, UnitHistory, is linked to a single unit and a single project.

Now I want to visualize the data in UnitHistory as a timeseries. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Specificly I want to visualize how long a unit is on projects vs how long it is on storage/ service (storage and service are also projects).

Specific questions:

  • Should I create a new object class that tracks utilization rate?
  • How do I get hold of the data in UnitHistory and visualize it efficiently?
  • Do I need an additional object class to visualize time on x-axis? F.eks have an object for each month in the year, or a single object holding all months?

I think I need to iterate UnitHistory per Unit (loop inside a loop), which is not very efficient. Also I dont want to do this in runtime, since that might also slow down the app.

All suggestions is welcomed :slight_smile: