View is lifted when using url-anchor to navigate to container

I’m experiencing some weird behavior in my UI when using an anchor element to navigate to the correct container when clicking a button. Using the Open URL action I’m setting an anchor point, e.g. ‘#container-1’, which works alone but in combination with the Toggle drawer action, the view is lifted up from the bottom (see screenshots below).

Before the button is clicked:

After the button is clicked:

The action that runs when clicking the button:

Some more testing revealed that it’s not the combination of the Toggle drawer and Open URL actions that is causing the issue but that the main view had the display property set to Flex. Setting the property to Block resolved the issue. Is this the expected behavior when using Flex?

Hi! Good thing it sorted out.

Based on the information provided, it is quite hard to tell if it is the expected behaviour of the Flexbox, but my guess is that it is. In a hierarchy of containers (divs) with Flex and No-Flex combined with stretch and overflow (scrolling), you might encounter some combinations that to not work well together - making the scrolling not always working.