Vipps login


I have an issue with using Vipps to log in users. When users change their email on Vipps, they are asked to create a new account in the application. It seems that the Vipps account is only connected through email. Is there any way to avoid this problem?

Hi @andershc !

Is it possible to get a screenshot of the setup of this Vipps login (from Login → Custom Auth Providers in Create). Just blur out if there is any sensitive info there.

Based on the info provided, this might be a bug. With e.g. Google Login, we look for the “Google ID” associated with the (appfarm) user first. Vipps should behave the same way.

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 16.09.35


Sorry for the late response @andershc .

We just tested this in a production environment. Changing the email address does not create a new user. The Appfarm User is connected to Vipps through the “Vipps-ID” of the user, and not the email address, once the user has successfully logged in with Vipps.

This is our setup. Could you try the same scopes (minus address + date of birth)?

However, the “openid” scope as well as email should be default scopes… And you already have phoneNumber. So it shouldn’t be the issue.

But, you are using criipto TEST environment in your setup: Is this a production issue, or just in Test environment? The test version of Vipps is somewhat limited (we just have a single testuser, and were unable to confirm the email change).

Could you verify your setup in Appfarm Create versus Criipto Prod, if you have such, and try logging in with your own user - then change email - and log in with vipps again?

This is the test environment, yes, but the issue occurred in the production environment as well. It didn’t happen for everyone though, the issue seems to be inconsistent. Although, in Prod there is no phoneNumber scope yet. So that may be the cause of the problem. Just wanted it to work in Test before trying it out in Prod.

If you turn off “Auto Create Account”, how do you then connect a user to Vipps. For example, if I create a User in appfarm without using Vipps, and then want to log in via Vipps to get into the same account. How do you do that? How do you connect an appfarm User with a Vipps account? From our research it seems that the User and Vipps is connected via email.


Once logged in (or signed up) with Vipps, the accounts are connected through a “Vipps ID” (not the email). That is the reason why it is working to change the email in Vipps, and log in with the user created with the old email.

If you add the User manually without login with Vipps first:
When the user logs in with Vipps, we will try to match the Vipps email with User email, and link them (update the Vipps id of that user). This happens magically if that user only have access to 1 solution. If that user has access to more that 1 solution, the same happens, but the user is routed to a “verify email address” step first.

Is there any way to see that Vipps ID?

Sorry, didn’t see your response on this.

Currently the Vipps ID is not readily available. Maybe you may see it using the console or network monitoring or so.

Is the need for the Vipps ID for debugging purposes, or a functional need? I’ll discuss the possibility to have this metadata available on the User in Create/Apps internally.