App not able to load preview: GetDataFromDataValue error

I was adjusting quite a lot in my app in one go and when I tried to preview the app, I was met with the “Oops! Something went wrong” page.

The error-message is: “getDataFromDataValue: dataValue.type is required”

I’ve tried disabling all actions one at a time to no avail and I also do not think the problem lies within the On app load. The problem is probably somewhere in the UI editor, but I haven’t got a clue to where to begin and look. Any ideas?

We have a challenge related to that error message that being investigated (it occurs in Dev environments from time to time). It will probably sort itself out after a while, but can you see if it works now (just did a manual restart of backend service)? You may use DM.

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That fixed it. Thanks a lot!