Appfarm needs a better date-time component

It’s too easy to delete a date by accident in the current date-time component. It behaves as if it is possible to type in the date or time, while it’s not. If a user tires to type anything, the date will disappear and a null value will be stored instead. This makes the component rather useless in a database connected form. There is no simple undo on this component, like for e.g. text.

In addition, the current design of the component is a bit confusing for many users.

I know this has been a request from before this forum was created, and I wonder if there are plans for an improved version soon?

Or if there is a hidden trick for how to prevent users from accidentally deleting dates, then please let me know.

Hi Lars,

There is another datetime component that might work better for your users. If you use a ‘Text Edit’ with ‘Input Data Type’ set to ‘Date and Time’, you will get a more traditional date picker, which also allows your users to type the date on a keyboard.

It is rendered like this in Firefox:

However, I will also raise your request for a better time and date picker in a ticket.

Thanks for the advice. It’s working nicely, only that it seems to follow the language settings for the browser rather than the language for the app. In my case the default browser language is English while the app was using Norwegian. Do you know if there is a way to control the language settings for the browser based date picker as well?

Regrettably, no.

The datetime picker is generated by your browser and follows the language settings of your browser. It’s not possible to customize its behavior in Appfarm Create.