Binding an Enum to Select works, but the Runtime Object Class is disabled when trying to bind to Multi Select

I have an Enum on an Object Class:

I can connect a Select to the Enum:

But when I try to do the same with a Multi Select, the Runtime Object Class is disabled:

What am I missing?

Hi, Ynge!

I think the issue is that you want to set multiple values for a single property on an object. If you want the evidence object to have several event types, you could create a relational object class for this(like the evidence comment class), that contains a reference to the evidence and the event type.

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The answer from my colleague above is absolutely correct, but what you are trying to achieve, setting multiple enum values on the same property, will be available in the upcoming release - 103.

In 103 you can choose the cardinality of the ENUM property, and binding to multi select and other support for multiple values will be available both in UI and actions.

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